About Us

Marigat Gold was founded by three sisters from the Rift Valley region of Kenya in 2015. The sisters grew up in a region that has an abundant supply of honey but the farmers hardly get a fair price and a consistent market for their produce.

Marigat Gold’s mission is to make a positive economic impact in its areas of operation through the employment of youth and women ensuring that we pay a fair price for their produce. We are also an environmentally conscious company that promotes the conservation of biodiversity through honey bees that play the crucial role of pollination.

Marigat Gold honey is carefully sourced in the remote plains and valleys of Baringo, Kenya with the purest air and diverse range of honey plants. We buy honey at a fair price from small holder farmers that are vetted to ensure only the highest quality, natural honey gets to our customers.

Honey is a versatile product. The liquid gold is rich in nutrients, which strengthens the immune system. It contains flavonoids and antioxidants that reduce the risk of cancers, heart disease, colds and ulcers. It also has anti-bacterial and anti fungal properties.

We package a limited edition Acacia honey range twice a year from the Marigat Gold Farm where our hives are placed in a natural Acacia forest which the bees forage to produce the best quality, delicious Acacia honey.

Our honey is packaged in 6 convenient sizes. We are conscious about preserving our environment, you can therefore return your glass jar to be refilled, bringing the price of your next honey purchase down.